In the Lab with Staff Goddess Jen Lenz

In this post

-We take Green Hope geeking to a whole new level.

-We discover that  a drop is not a drop.

-We answer all your questions about who funded this study.

-We establish that while Molly has been accused of having no right brain, there ARE people at the farm with very high functioning right brains ( just not me).

-We discover that one of the staffers with a wonderful left AND right brain, Jen Lenz,  would leave no stone unturned to be accurate in how we answer your questions.

To explain- Staff Goddess, Jennifer Lenz, decided she wanted to double check the number of drops in our bottles since we routinely tell you that the 1/2 oz bottle contains 300 drops and the 2 oz bottle (at four times the size of the 1/2 oz) contains 1200 drops.

From left to right 2 oz bottle, 1/2 oz bottle &  2 oz spritzer bottle

Being an engineer by training, Jen likes accuracy.  She also has a lot of patience which is perhaps one reason why she rode a bike across our country from Meriden, NH to San Francisco, CA while most of the rest of us fly in a plane. (When checking with her on the departure and destination points, she notes that she did not go directly from here to there but did a lot of wandering- Thank you for ensuring this blog post accurately describes your trip)

In any case, all this translated into Jen patiently sitting down with test bottles to count out the drops.

It never occurred to me that the data could be different than when I did this count 30 years ago, but Jen wanted to verify my old data as 30 years is a long, long time.  This general penchant to have things “never occur to me” could be one of the reasons my family often says about me, “She never expects the Spanish Inquisition.”

OK- Without any further meanderings, here are the results, straight from Jen’s tiny lab in her tiny home ( which I might add, is about the cutest house I have ever been in- if she could fit in a second bed, she might find me there way too often)

(Maybe here is the place to note about Jen’s funding. She received no bribes from ANYONE to get the results she got and even refused to be paid with a second bed, one that I offered to install for “no particular reason” beyond my selfless generosity)

Findings from the tiny house auxiliary laboratory for flower essence sciences:

2-ounce bottles
2 ounces is approximately 57 grams with dropper and with the Flower Essence level at the base of the neck of the bottle.
Each large dropper has approximately 17 drops in it.
2 ounces is approximately 1220 drops (I may have spaced out a few times, but probably within dozen or so drops and amazingly close to what we have been saying.)
Each spritz is approximately 3 drops with approximately 440 sprays in a 2-ounce bottle (spraying that many times was actually easier than I thought it would be).
0.5-ounce bottles
0.5 ounces is approximately 14 grams with dropper and with the Flower Essence level is at the tippy top of the bottle
Each small dropper top has approximately 12 drops in it
0.5 ounces is only approximately 210 drops (!!!!) with the standard small dropper top.
Wait…what? Yes, I tried it multiple times. All were the same.
So, I tried it with the larger dropper top in the 0.5-ounce bottle…AND
0.5 ounces is approximately 305 drops with the larger dropper top!! As it should be!
In conclusion, not all dropper tops are made the same!!! And what’s up with the small dropper tops? As I was counting the drops from the smaller dropper top, I did think “geez…do these drops look bigger?” Are all drops just a drop? 
I have no idea what you want to do with this data, but this has been your science lesson of the day.
xoxo, Jen (I may miss science) Lenz

So now we wonder- How do we explain this phenomena to you all?

On our most recent batch of droppers (we buy them in 50,000 to 100,000  lots) the dropper tips (the glass units called pipettes) are shaped differently than in previous batches. This change in dropper tips is not something that we asked for. The manufacturer just sent different dropper pipettes.  (Once this happened with the opening of our half ounce glass bottles and we had to rebuild our bottling gizmo because we had 100,000 bottles with openings too narrow for our bottling gizmo- but that is another story)

Anyway, back to our current situation.  Older 1/2 oz dropper tips apparently make smaller drops than this new batch of dropper tips.  So if you have older Essences as in six months old or older, you probably have these older dropper tips and will get 300 drops out of your bottle. If you have newer Essences then consider that one drop is really more like 1.5 even 2 drops from one of the older dropper tips.  Please know  you can use fewer drops with these new dropper tips to get the same number of dosages.


Given this truth, drops are elevant in terms of you getting the highest number of doses from your bottle of Essences, but not in terms of you getting the healing information of the Essences.  .

Get the most  from your bottles of Essences is one reason we mention SPRITZING so much.

It is also SUCH an effective way to give you and your beloveds the information of the Flower Essences.  With a spritzer your subtle electrical bodies as well as your physical body get the information of the Essences. Your mental, emotional, etheric AND physical bodies and their  many electrical receptors get the information at the same time!

Spritzing is also, according to our Green Hope Farm Lab Goddess Jen, a very cost effective way to use the Essences.  Remember with a spritzer bottle you can put a couple droppersful of whatever Essences you want to work with in an empty spritzer bottle then fill with water, and according to Jen,  get 440 spritzes!

That is a lot of SPRITZING!

Please email with any questions about this data Attention Jen- Her answers will be more accurate than mine!

The adorable Jen Lenz at the computer

Love, Healing & Crete- Flower Essences from Crete

Here with Dittany Flower Essence begins the description of a precious and paradigm shifting collection of Flower Essences from the island of Crete, nestled in the middle of the Mediterranean south of the Greek mainland, north of Libya and Egypt and west of Turkey and Lebanon.

Ben Sheehan and Miriah Wall gathered these Flower Essences on Crete in March of 2018. I thank them and the Flowers, Angels and Elementals of Crete who have shifted my experience of life with this Flower Essence collection. Please, if you can, read what these Flower Essences have to share.

Dittany from CreteOriganum dictamnus

Dittany Flower grows only in the most inconvenient places in sunny outcroppings on the sides of mountain cliffs. Dittany is one of a number of Flowers in this collection that originated on Crete. When transplanted it becomes a less vibrant expression of itself, so Dittany grown off island does not hold the vibrational wisdom of Dittany on Crete.

Cretans consider Dittany the most powerful of herbs. For at least ten thousand years, Dittany has been held sacred as a panacea cure all and magical herb of health. For this and many other reasons, the Angels describe Dittany Flower Essence as the keystone of our Cretan Flower Essences.

Dittany Flower Essence is a foundation Flower Essence holding the template of the very best we can be. It holds a template for excellent health. It holds the template for embodying our most evolved selves. It holds a template for love without thought of self. It also holds the template for each of us to return to the values of matriarchy and matriarchal community. Matriarchal community is both something that flourished on the island of Crete for many thousands of years and something that will flourish again worldwide as a natural upwelling of us individually anchoring in our inner light, love and Divinity.

Crete’s Precious Legacy

Ben and Miriah returned from their Flower Essence mission to Crete with 23 Flower Essences. As I got to know each Flower, I unexpectedly learned much about humanity’s way forward and the journey we are embarked upon to leave patriarchy behind and find a new way to live together.

Crete and its Flowers embody a different model of being than the patriarchal one we have been told is, “the way things have been and always will be.” Crete’s history reveals that patriarchy is a system of dominance that CAN be dismantled, because it wasn’t always the existing framework of humanity. Tools of patriarchal domination include war, slavery, subjugation of women, accumulation of wealth through taking advantage of other less powerful people and manipulation of spirituality into religious dictates that subjugate others; all these tools of patriarchy can and will be dismantled, and ancient Crete and its Flowers can help us do this.

Why? Because Crete and its Flowers still vibrate a model of a different way of being. From 7000 BC to 1450 BC Crete was a vibrant and harmonious matriarchal culture. This makes Crete and its Flowers extremely helpful and illuminating vibrational role models of matriarchy for an evolving humanity.

What is Matriarchy?

One prevalent misunderstanding of matriarchal cultures is that they involved powerful warrior women subjugating men. This is not what matriarchal cultures are or ever were. Matriarchies were not about preferential treatment of women or anyone else. Any community, including those run by women, in which all citizens are not treated as equals is a patriarchy.

Matriarchies were communities that lived by the values of motherhood: love, caring and generosity. In matriarchies these were the values held to be the most important values by both sexes. Matriarchal cultures lived from the experience of our inherent equality as children of God/Goddess. Matriarchies honored mothers as the earthly bearers of new life and the values of motherhood as paramount, but they did not translate this into a hierarchy enforced by war, subjugation or violence. There were no structures around the notions of defense, superiority or power. Instead, matriarchal cultures were participatory democracies governed by consensus. Wealth was shared through structures of gift giving and other tools for sharing resources.

How did Matriarchy do this?

Matriarchal cultures didn’t “do” anything, instead they experienced themselves as whole and lived from this truth. Matriarchal cultures experienced God/Goddess as within us. Matriarchal cultures understood each of us to be a perfect and unique expression of Divinity. Matriarchies flourished through a recognition of the truth that each child comes from God in perfection and nothing can alter this wholeness. In matriarchal cultures, each person’s life unfolded in a celebration of this wholeness. Life was about expressing purpose from a state of completeness never about striving to prove one’s worth through doing or fixing or making ourselves better than others.

In patriarchy the Divine origin of each of us is lost in a pervasive fear we are not whole or enough. A child in patriarchy comes into life to be given the immediate message that he or she is in need of improvement. A child raised in patriarchy is programmed to think he or she is what he or she possesses and what she or he does and what other people think of him or her. The key erroneous belief of patriarchy is that each of us is separate from God so we must strive to become something valuable, whereas the child of matriarchy knows he or she is one with God/Goddess and lives as an expression of God/Goddess with worth never under discussion.

Since we all currently live in patriarchy of some form or another, it is very hard to imagine what it must have been like to live in matriarchy and have one’s life flow from God through oneself in an expression of Divinity. Sometimes we taste this flow, but it’s hard to imagine living like this all the time.

In our world we get constant reinforcement that we must control our experience and become better. We get little if any support to let go and let God. May these Flower Essences release all of us into knowing our wholeness. May they help each of us sink into matriarchy to be set free and to live in a flowering of happiness. May we all experience a release from patriarchy soon, and may these Flower Essences do their best to help us with this release.

Back to History

Most communities of Old Europe (6500 BC- 3500 BC) were matriarchal. These pre- patriarchal Neolithic cultures were settled, agricultural, artistic, peaceful, egalitarian cultures worshipping the Goddess and celebrating birth, death and the regeneration of all life. We look to Crete as a role model for matriarchy, because it had the most long lasting matriarchal culture in the Mediterranean basin and Europe and existed as a particularly beautiful expression of these values. Crete’s matriarchy survived the longest because it was the last to be invaded by warring nomadic tribes from the north. This happened in 1450 BC after over 5,000 years as a radiant, joyful matriarchal society. Archeological remains reflect Minoan matriarchal experience of oneness with Divinity in that there are no ruins of defensive systems, buildings or weapons.

Mistaken History

One of the reasons Flower Essences are so helpful is because they remain in their vibrational truth even when described incorrectly or inaccurately. This comforts me as we experience an era of “alternative facts.” The vibration of a Flower Essence cannot be tampered with by language or branding. Each Flower Essence is what it is, and people and animals recognize each Essence as either sharing something helpful or not.

Even though Flower Essences can survive the assault of manipulative language, it is still important for us to try very hard to use descriptive language about Flower Essences accurately. This is true of everything, as everything deserves to be described with sincerity so that all things can shine in untarnished and beautiful truth.

The erroneous way ancient matriarchal Crete is described is a case in point.  Take, for example, the famous Minoan building complex in Knossos. This complex was a sacred center that embodied the wisdom of living from divine oneness, egalitarian love and the generosity held so sacred by the Minoan civilization.

However the archaeologist who “discovered” the structures in 1900 AD described these buildings through his patriarchal lens of the separation mindset of power and wealth inequality. Instead of describing the building complexes correctly as community gathering places where communal food was stored, art and other sacred objects were made, and spiritual and cultural events were celebrated, archeologist Arthur Evans described the structures as the palace of a warrior King. In choosing to define the compound as one man’s palace, he assumed the site reflected the post Minoan patriarchal values of violently taking more than one’s share then proving one’s value with a very splashy palace.

The sharing of resources and the generosity of Minoans is so opposite this description. In ancient matriarchal Minoan Crete, resources were shared in a system of generosity and gift giving to ensure all could thrive. When you know you are from God and so is everyone else, there is no impulse other than sharing with each other.

This Minoan acknowledgement of our oneness and great generosity of spirit survives intact in Crete even after 3500 years of invasions by different patriarchal societies from Myceneans to Nazis to the current Russian oligarchs who are buying up the island. To this day, events in a Cretan community such as weddings are “come one, come all” celebrations with everyone welcomed and well fed. Travellers to Crete, including Ben and Miriah, report how people constantly give strangers free food, welcome them into their homes and go out of their way to be open hearted and generous. Ben and Miriah noticed that every stray animal was treated as an appreciated part of the community with food offered and a gentle welcoming of any cat or dog into restaurants or shops. What an incredibly strong vibration the matriarchy of ancient Crete must have that it survives in these acts of generosity and inclusion after 3500 years of patriarchal invasions.

Why this Discussion?

So why does this matter to us? First of all, it is vital for us to understand that patriarchy is not a given. Patriarchy can and will become a cultural structure we leave behind. Most historians and people in power tell us we have always had institutionalized war and oppression and always will have this. This is not true. Patriarchy is not a permanent reality. We have lived in harmonious cooperative community before patriarchy, and we will do it again. This shift is underway right now. Knowing this is very empowering. It helps us leave behind despair and live in hope.

The ancient Minoan civilization of Crete is a touchstone as we go forward to imagine and co-create a world in which we are all treated as equals and where tools of patriarchy are abandoned, never to subjugate others or suppress our expression of our true selves again. This ancient matriarchal civilization and the Flower Essences of Crete help us re-imagine and co-create our world into a place where we are not afraid to send our kids to school, where resources are shared and where we live free in the values of Divine oneness, equality, caring and generosity of spirit.

Our world moves forward on the truth that we can evolve beyond patriarchy and go forward to matriarchal societies that respect all life as equal in its oneness with Divinity. Each Cretan Flower Essence helps us in this.

More about Dittany Flower Essence

Dittany Flower, endemic to (meaning originally found only on) Crete, knows we can make this shift. It is both a promise and a tuning fork, supporting us in our efforts to find our way to a matriarchal re-flowering on Earth. It supports all those who live from different values than patriarchy. It helps us know with every fiber of our being that the values of care, love and generosity are not naïve, silly values but are the life giving, life preserving, life restoring way forward for humanity.

Dittany supports us to hold true to our essential nature as the way our world is to be reborn. It helps us stay strong through the last tired patriarchal assaults on our loving nature and bolsters our confidence that our essential nature of goodness and light will prevail because it is stronger than anything patriarchy can throw at us.

Dittany also helps us anchor this truth in others, so if we are teachers, leaders, parents or role models of any kind, working with Dittany helps us hold this vibrational template for those in our care.

Dittany fills us with the knowledge that the despairing belief that we will always be a patriarchal planet is not fact.  The patriarchal culture of war, societal and resource inequality, enslavement and disharmony is a piece of history, now passing, and not an eternal verity. Humankind can and will re-find cooperative community based on the values of egalitarian generosity and oneness with all creation. AND THE FLOWERS WILL HELP US DO THIS!

Dittany finishes this description by sharing its I AM affirmation.

I AM the only real thing. I AM LOVE.

Without further ado, here are the rest of the new Crete Flower Essences.

Asphodel from Aptera, Crete- Asphodelus ramosus

Asphodel tell us, “I light your way back from hell. I am a torch revealing your way forward, but I am also the fire that knows a new beginning after your dark journey. You had things to learn from patriarchy, but it is done. It is time to leave Hades and return to the light.”

The ancient Greeks believed that the Asphodel Meadows were the place in Hades where ordinary souls went to live after their deaths. This made me ask Asphodel what the more ancient Minoans thought of it. Asphodel said, “The Minoans knew me much better, and they included me in many events. They understood I brought light to any gathering. The Minoans were a very beautiful expression of Divinity, and I relished supporting them, just as I relish bringing my light to you now.”

Consider Asphodel to help light your way out of a dark night of the soul or a dark time in your life. Consider Asphodel if a patriarchal drama has you in its snares. Asphodel will light the way out of this drama towards a new way of being.

I AM the way out of Hades.

Butterfly Orchid from Balos, Crete Orchis papilionacea         Inspiration

I help you manifest your dreams. I infuse your creative life with fun and joy. I work with the lightest touch. It may seem like I was never there, but something after the fact will tell you I did much good for you. I am a bit of a mystery, but I love you and want to help you. I am not an aloof or distant mystery but more of a friendly enigma. I may seem as ephemeral as a butterfly moving through your inner garden, but trust me, you will be glad you visited with me.

I AM the sparkle of creation.

Cape Sorrel from Prevali, Crete Oxalis pes-caprae                             Support to handle too much data

I help quiet the clamor of too much data coming at you. I help you calm yourselves, get centered and sort the data with the least amount of fuss and the most clarity possible.

Amidst turbulent change and in a sea of too much data, I AM calm.

Cretan Viper Grass from Prevali, Crete- Scorzonera cretica       Fearless and bold expression of our true selves

Cultural shifts come not from the top of hierarchical structures but from the actions of individuals. What begins as a few flashes of light in the dark or the actions of a few individuals grows to fill the whole sky with light. This Flower, endemic to Crete, encourages us to express our unique selves fearlessly and with confidence. It knows that each of us makes a difference and is a vital part of a reborn way of being for humankind.

I AM the true expression of myself, and in this self-expression, I heal all creation.

Crown Daisy from Kaliviani, Crete- Chrysanthemum coronarium Knowing the infinite sunshine of Divinity is within us

Patriarchy is a system of authority in which we are told that Divinity is outside ourselves. Our journey right now is to remember the wellspring of all goodness and light is within us, and that Divinity has an internal source within each of us. In this age of alternative facts, it is vital for us to have our own inner experience of Divinity. Knowing truth is different than being told “truth” by something outside ourselves. This Essence opens us to experience ourselves as inseparable from Divinity. It encourages us to live from this truth and from all truths that flow from within us.

When a child is born, the crown of the head comes first. So it is that our crowns experience the light of the sun first. This is a moment not of receiving something we do not have, but of the sun reminding us of our own inner sunshine. Throughout our lives when we lift our smiling heads to the sun, we smile from our own sunshine not because the sun is outside of us and we are taking back something we lack.

On another note, Crown Daisy helps us experience the song and dance that lives within us. You may find yourself singing and dancing after working with this Flower Essence friend!

I AM one with Goddess.

Dittany from Crete– Please read the beginning of this blog

Earth Smoke from Prevali, Crete- Fumaria agraria                   Responding to events and our emotions with clarity and balance

Earth Smoke Flower Essence supports us to see clearly during complex events and emotional times, then to find our way forward with composed action. It cuts through smoky, uncertain times so we have a clear vision of our circumstances, but it also supports us to act from this vision in a grounded and wise way.

When we feel swamped by too much emotion, Earth Smoke helps us make decisions, because it helps open up a space between feeling our feelings and moving forward in action. This space helps us when we get very fired up by emotions as well as when we get swamped by them. Be it too much heat or too much water, Earth Smoke helps us settle down and find calm. From this place we can proceed calmly and clearly.

I AM calm in my response to any situation.

Hairy Thorny Broom from Stavros, Crete- Calycotone villos    Supports us to nourish and protect our inner bee so that it flourishes and grows

The honeybees love this Flower with a passion. I imagine the ancient peoples of Crete loved this Flower too, because they loved bees. In fact they often depicted the Goddess as Potnia or “Pure Mother Bee” and priestesses were called Melissas, their word for bees.

Just as the ancient people of Crete lived in a matriarchal culture of equality, consensus, generosity and loving kindness, so too bees live in a matriarchy of complete selflessness in which everything is done for the wellbeing of the hive. One of this Flower Essence’s gifts is to help us live like a honeybee.

Another gift of this plant is to help us find an appropriate and evolving balance of boundaries. Hairy Thorny Bloom is covered in large thorns that protect the Flowers so they don’t get eaten by a passing goat. The original matriarchal Minoan civilization had no defenses or weaponry. In fact, they used all their precious metals for jewelry. During our own culture’s paradigm shifting journey from warring defensiveness to a selfless, generous, egalitarian civilization, our tender expressions of love will sometimes need to be shared but also protected. This is different than protecting without sharing.

This Flower Essence shows us the balance of generous giving with appropriate boundaries so we can remain intact to live and share another day. Hopefully this transition of needing to protect ourselves will evolve into a place like ancient Crete where there were no defenses because no one needed them.

I AM Potnia.

Hairy Yellow Vetchling from Prevali, Crete Vicia hybrida          Practical wisdom about friendship

This Flower friend wants to help improve our skills at engaging and untangling gently in friendships. This gentle friend knows how to weave its way through other plants, softly shining its wise face but never dominating. It holds a balance of genuine self-expression and self-effacement. When I asked this dear one how it wanted to help you, Hairy Yellow Vetchling said, “ I want to help you feel safe to get to know people if you are shy or retiring or gently pull back without hurting any feelings if you feel in over your head in a friendship. I have a lot of wisdom about this delicate dance and would love to share this with you, just as I was always there for the people of ancient Crete.

I AM the dance of friendship.

Henbit Deadnettle from Balos, Crete- Lamium amplexicaul Validation that doing a load of laundry and a sinkful of dishes matters

Selflessness isn’t always dramatic or flashy. In fact it’s usually not. Henbit Deadnettle shares, “I lift up those in the background who are doing the chores of daily living with no fanfare but much love. You matter. I am a groundcover walked on and dismissed, but I know my value. I want you to know yours. I want you to feel my tender vibration under your feet, lifting you up and reminding you that each thankless, selfless job you do heals the world. Bless you. Know I am with you. You matter. What you do matters. You stitch the world together with your acts of thoughtfulness and love. You are a blessing. I see you.”

I AM infinitely precious.

Large Mediterranean Spurge from Kaliviani, Crete- Euphorbia characias  Integrating the wounds of our emotional journeys into healing stories

As we rebirth ourselves and our world into a more harmonious, loving and healing co-creation, we will need to embrace our emotional memories of what was. This Flower encourages us to use our emotional battle scars not as reasons to stay defended, but as a vital part of our healing stories. Integrated in this way, our wounds become nourishing to ourselves as well as others. Painful events do not define us but inform us of where we’ve been, both for ourselves to be empowered by and for others to be inspired by.

This Flower Essence helps us with this journey of owning what we have been through, seeing how it informs what we want to express in our lives and then going forward into full creative expression of who we are.

I AM the story and I AM the storyteller.

Mandrake from Balos, Crete- Mandragora autumnalis                   Rooting us in the right circumstances

Folklore (and Harry Potter) tell us that if we uproot a Mandrake, it will kill us with its scream. Mandrake sets the record straight, “ I am a very vocal plant. I like to help you get to the root of what is bothering you. I will do this by talking to you very loud and clear. You may be skeptical about my gifts, but even if you just put a bottle of my Flower Essence in your pocket, I will help you know what you need to root out, what the root of your problems are and how to either root yourself more fully in a harmonious situation or transplant yourself with ease to a new one.”

I AM mastery of my roots.

Mediterranean Mallow from Balos, Crete- Malva cretica               Finding our beauty within

“I contain much wisdom about beauty, both the skin-deep kind and the inner kind. One of my secrets is that I help you switch your focus from applying beauty from without to finding beauty from within. I help those of you who feel less than in the beauty department to experience the imperishable beauty that ever lives within you. This may sound rather far-fetched or perhaps impractical, but moving your understanding of beauty from without to within as I support you to do is surprisingly powerful.”

I AM beauty from within.

Pink Catch Fly from Stavros, Crete- Silene colorata                       Freedom from any chains binding your self-expression

Pink Catchfly tells us, “I am especially helpful for those who have been stifled in their efforts at self actualization. I am particularly helpful in the realm of free expression in the arts, in relationships and in athletic endeavors. I frequently worked with the bull acrobats of Minos so I still carry this energy of flexible, adventurous and vibrant self-expression.”

I AM exuberant and joyful self-expression.

Pink Rock Rose from Stavros, Crete- Cistus creticus                           Living with a generosity of spirit no matter the circumstances.

After more than 5000 years as a harmonious matriarchy of egalitarian values, Crete suffered 3500 years of invasion by warring tribes, yet the people of Crete have held onto their caring concern for others, treating even strangers with selfless generosity. This gorgeous Flower, endemic to Crete, helps us hold fast to these values of loving care even when we feel under attack. Oftentimes in patriarchy those with generous hearts are seen by others as foolish. This Essence supports these souls to know their love is a pivotal part of humanity’s way forward and their expressions of loving kindness are heroic.

I AM life giving loving kindness.

Purple Viper’s Bugloss from Crete from Aptera Echium vulgar Respite and renewal on our journey of divine self-expression

Divinity flows through us to release us from ego so that we can become an expression of our truest self. Sometimes there are strong winds of resistance to our being true to ourselves. To put it another way, other people’s egos don’t always like it. Sometimes this feedback can leave us weary and in need of a safe harbor to re-group in. This Flower Essence anchors us in the space within us of respite and renewal. Rested, we can joyfully take up our work of expressing our unique selves in the world once again.

I AM safe.

Sea Medick from Stavros, Crete- Medicago marina                              Heart health and well-being

Medicks are traditional medicines. Recently this particular Medick has also been under consideration as a possible crop prospect for places dealing with climate change as it is both drought and saline tolerant.

Sea Medick explains, “My Flower Essence helps strengthen your heart in its role as the primary chalice of love and light in your life. I particularly help you find a strong and balanced rhythmic giving and receiving of love and light from your heart. This serves the rhythmic function of your heart as well as the rhythmic flow of your life.

Echoing my gifts as a plant that is both drought tolerant and able to handle salt water flooding, I will help you through dry spells in your heart’s flow as well as times of many tears flowing.  I smooth the incoming and outgoing waves of light and love through the vehicle of your heart to make your life a more balanced expression of self.”

I AM the perfect rhythm of my love filled heart.

Thistle from Crete from Stavros- Circium creticum                          Support to find appropriate boundaries then adapt them as circumstances change

This Thistle, endemic to Crete, tells us, “I help you maintain needed boundaries but also soften them when they are no longer necessary. I am very helpful for those with any kind of PTSD and will help any sentient being through a healing process towards greater ease and feelings of safety in the world.”

I AM safe in the world.

Thyme from Crete from Kaliviani Thymus                                                       It’s always healing time with thyme

All Thyme Flower Essences open up the possibility for us to have more time to inhabit our physical beings with a greater experience of vitality and health. When I asked Thyme from Crete how it was different from the Thyme Flower Essence we offer from the gardens here or the Thyme from Omey Island in Ireland, Thyme from Crete explained, “I am a very pure version of the essence of Thyme. I am particularly helpful for those who have burned themselves to a crisp in dramatic fiery times. I help them renew their physical bodies and settle back into their healing bodies with calm and contentment. These other Thyme beloveds focus more on cold and wet conditions. I help most when there has been too much fire.”

I AM complete healing.

Water Wattle from Stavros, Crete- Acacia retinodes                         Seeing beyond ego to the God within

Patriarchy makes a god of the ego even though it is a false construct. Now is the time to dissolve our egos and our allegiance to the false selves of anyone else’s ego. Now is the time to ground in our Divine self-identity and our equality in Divine oneness. This Flower is endemic to Crete and reflects the ancient Cretan values of oneness in Divine identity. It has many circular blossoms of yellow, all of equal size. Water Wattle explains, “I help you cut through the ego mask and perceive the true self and Divine identity of anyone you are talking to. If someone engages you from his or her ego, I help you see beyond this illusory self to the real self behind the ego projection.

I AM indivisible with my Divine self, and in Divine oneness I connect to the Divine self of others.

White Hedge Nettle from Preveli, Crete- Prasium majus                   Clear retrieval of all spiritual guidance imparted during sleep

This Flower Essence supports us to hear our inner guidance clearly during our night’s sleep then bring this guidance forward to full consciousness in the morning.

I AM the clear retrieval of all spiritual guidance I receive while I sleep.

Winter Savory from Prevali, Crete- Satureja thymbra                    Support for the awakening power of epiphanies

Winter Savory is a strong pungent herb associated with the satyrs of mythology who were described as half men and half goat with horse tales. The satyrs were companions of Dionysus. He is best remembered as the Greek god of wine, woman and song, however Dionysus was also the god of epiphany. Epiphany is defined as a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something or an illuminating discovery or realization.

Winter Savory’s link to epiphany reveals its true purpose. In patriarchy, the values are imposed from without and through constant reinforcement these values constrain and limit everyone’s belief systems. We awaken from patriarchy and patriarchal values to be set free to be our true selves in individual moments of epiphany.

Immersed in a collective culture we have dreamed of patriarchy as the collective dream for learning’s sake, but it is time to awaken from this collective dream. To begin with we awaken as individuals, but we are not separate, so each individual awakening helps everyone else.

Winter Savory helps us welcome epiphanies as the experience that wakes us up. Epiphanies are vivid. They surprise us. They stay with us. They are always benign in their gifts. The herb Winter Savory is vivid and pungent. It surprises us with its intensity and lingers on the air when we rub its leaves. As a Flower Essence it wakes us sweetly but firmly. It works with synchronicity to frame the epiphanies in our lives so we respect them as our Divinity calling to wake us up from within us.

Language can’t really grasp epiphany nor can I describe this Essence, but it is a force to be reckoned with and embraced. It lives to serve the light within us.

I AM awake to my true self.

Yellow Mullein from Crete Aptera- Verbascum macrurum                  Yes! It’s really happening! We are healing!

This powerhouse untangles us from the snares of anything that tells us we can’t sink into a palpable enduring experience of our evolving perfection. Anywhere Mullein expresses itself it proclaims, “YES WE CAN.” In Crete is says, “YES WE DID! YES WE CAN! YES WE WILL AGAIN. IT IS DONE!”

I AM my Divine purpose made manifest.

These wonderful Flower Essence friends from Crete are ready when you are.  To order, email us or find them in the Mediterranean Collection on the website. I thank Miriah and Ben from the bottom of my heart for bringing these Flower Essences to the Green Hope Farm community.

Be Fearless

Last week the Angels noted here in the blog that the next mix they wanted us to create was one called, Be Fearless. This mix is now ready.

Looking to the Angels, they explain,

“All feelings are important in that they give you information about what is going on in your lives. Fear gives information that can be deeply helpful, even life saving.  Problems with fears arise when fears are inadvertently stored in your energy system well after they have served their purposes. Fears that are stuck in your energy system are often amplified by other forces. Stuck, amplified fears slow the smooth flow of your electrical system. They can derail your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical health and paralyze your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Log-jammed fears are never a good thing but they are particularly unhelpful right now. Because humanity is currently receiving much spiritual support to evolve, it is particularly important for your electrical system to be free to move, flow and evolve in response to this spiritual support.

We created this mix to help you process and release fears from your energy system so that you can take full advantage of the spiritual support available right now and evolve with the least resistance possible.

The Flower Essences in Be Fearless open up a space within you to illuminate what your fears are telling you, decide how this information can be used to move your authentic life forward then fully release your fears once they have served their purpose. This support helps you to keep your energy system humming along on its evolutionary journey and leaves you free to make self-actualized choices about your life.

Be Fearless is not a mix about judging you for feeling fear but a support to own, process and release fears without letting them take up permanent residence in your energy system. Specific Flowers in the mix help you energetically process specific fears. Here is a list of the Flower Essences in the mix, offering a thumbnail sketch of how they serve Be Fearless.

When considering whether to work with Be Fearless, consider that combination mixes braid the strengths of each Flower Essence into a harmonious blend of support much like individual musical instruments combine in an orchestra to make music with certain strengths.. Each of these treasured Flower Essence friends work together to support you with your fears. This is a deeply nuanced and supportive mix given to you with much love by all of us in the Angelic and the Elemental kingdoms.

We asked Molly to write the descriptions of each Flower Essence in the mix. She uses “we” and “us” versus the “you” we used, but we want to remind you these lines of division created by language are imaginary as we are one, all of us.”

Allamanda from Taiwan– This dear Flower friend melts away the fear instilled in us by childhood experiences of punishment, scolding and shaming. It helps us end kowtowing to fear. We are released from the fear that we will always be in fear or that fear is something to be afraid of.

Aspen (from our Additional Flower Essence list)– Aspen supports us with mental fears that can sweep over us like a dark cloud and fill us with anguish. It helps us know that when these mental fears crop up, they are like Aspen leaves quaking in the wind. The fears will abate, the wind will calm and we will endure through the experience of the fears. Aspens helps us know the truth that we are safe in life, safe in death and safe for all eternity.

Blue Snakeweed– Sometimes when we have suffered deeply from what others have done to us, we wrap a sort of energetic barbed wire around our hearts to protect ourselves from further suffering. This defense system takes a lot of energy to maintain and also cuts us off from the joys of the world as well as its sorrows. Blue Snakeweed helps us experience our safety without the barbed wire. It helps us let go of this energetic defense so we are free to love the world and be loved by the world with greater ease.

Borage– Helps us literally take heart and feel the strength of our heart when we are afraid. The Angels woke me in the night to tell me this one had to be in this mix!

Chinese Knotweed– This Flower friend from Taiwan helps us release our fears of material losses by anchoring us in an awareness of the ever renewing, eternal love of our Creator who can replenish and restore us no matter what seems lost forever.

Coral Pink Rose– Fears can compound fears and this one helps us let go of the fear that more sorrows await us when we have just lived through a time of loss or suffering.

Feverfew– This beloved Flower ally shares its immense wisdom about moving beyond fear, agitation or distress to an imperturbable state of inner peace. The Angels sent an Ecuadorian shaman to the farm to talk to me about Feverfew, and I will ever be grateful for his visit and how it illuminated this Flower for me and swept me into a deep friendship with this Flower, a friendship that is available to us all.

Golden Wings Rose– This is the Flower Essence that initiated this project to make the Be Fearless mix. Its gifts are to lift us up and give us wings to take flight into freedom from fear. What a blessing to bring to this mix!

Heritage Rose– If we feel that our deaths may bring the loss of things that are precious to us, this Essence helps us anchor in a truth that nothing is ever lost to us. It helps us anchor in our eternal identity so we can know this completely.

Mutabilis Rose– WE CAN DO IT! This Rose friend shows us how to evolve and change very fast, with confidence and ease. When Mutabilis Rose blooms the Flowers change from white to yellow to orange to pink to red. No need for us to log jam our systems with fear or doubt that we can’t evolve or keep up. This sassy Rose takes the journey with us of fast paced, harmonious, healing change.

Nuuphretia Lavarissa– This Dahlia Essence tunes us to the Flame of Fearlessness, a flame that helps us feel both courageous and comforted.

Old Blush China Rose– Because most all Roses descend from Old Blush China Rose, this is the Mother Rose of all mutation and change. She reminds us we can feel safe and secure during times of change, and she helps us evolve towards an expression of our true divine self.

Orange– Like oil on troubled waters, Orange calms our emotional bodies when we are frightened or unable to de-escalate our feelings about events.

Peach– Helps us give and receive love with greater fearlessness.

Red Clover– Intense circumstances can cause panic to sweep over everyone in a crowd. Red Clover helps us not be part of this chain reaction. Regardless of how others are feeling or what is going on, we can find a centered place of calm and an imperishable experience of our safety.

Sahagun– Helps us let go and release behaviors triggered by fear that cause us to push our physical and emotional selves out of balance.

Scarlet Runner Bean– This one helps us face our fears. This is the most powerful thing we can do to diminish the hold fears have on our lives.

The Watchman (from our Additional Flower Essence list)This deep maroon Hollyhock Flower, called the Watchman, helps us release our fears when we can’t quite figure out where they are coming from or even what the fears are but we know they aren’t helping the situation.

The Angels (and their Flower Essences!) Encourage us to Be Fearless!

As I have mentioned before, one of the wonderful things about sending Flower Essences  off around the globe is that it is a constant reminder of how interconnected we are.

Without fail, each week some Flower Essence or a group of Flower Essences are found to be the Flower Essences in particular demand from beloveds all over Earth. We have about a thousand different Flower Essences in stock so these moments of collectivity lift us up and remind us that humanity really is working together to heal ourselves and the planet.

These synchronicities also help us focus our attention on what kind of combination mixes you would like us to make and also what Flowers we should grow for new Flower Essences or seek to find in the wilds. They also give us clues to what we are all processing both individually and collectively.

A recent Flower Essence that has been jumping off the shelves is Golden Wings Rose. This beauty has the I AM affirmation, “I AM freedom from fear.”

Helping us to release our fears has been a big focus of the Angels lately. They explain,

“Fears paralyze. Fears misdirect your energy. Fears discourage. We ask you to BE FEARLESS. In this fearless lies your freedom to grow and to heal. In fact, BE FEARLESS is the name of the next mix we want Molly and the crew at the farm to create.

It is so important to close the door on your fears. Do whatever is necessary to release them. Give them to us! We can transmute them for you.  Release them with each breath you take!

Right now it is best for you to have a streamlined energy system, one that can go with the flow and adjust to changes and new beginnings. Fear is one of the four emotions that open the door for  your energy field to be weighed down by energies that are not your own. Fear is one of the four emotions that throws a monkey wrench into the smooth forward motion of your evolving light body and that of beautiful Earth’s. The other three emotions are guilt, doubt and anger.

Yes, of course there are moments when each of these emotions are appropriate, but what tends to happen in your electrical fields is you logjam the movement of these emotions out of your electrical fields, and this opens your electrical fields so more fear, guilt, doubt and anger that is not even yours enters your electrical fields and bogs you down further.

This is one reason why we encourage everyone to work with Golden Armor. This helps protect your electrical field while you do the work of processing and RELEASING guilt, doubt, fear and anger.

This is also why we have counseled you to be judicious in the amount of media you absorb. There is nothing to be gained from letting fear, guilt, doubt and anger weigh down your electrical field to the point you are swamped. Becoming overwhelmed with bad news derails your electrical fields at this crucial time when your real work is to rise up collectively to shift this planet forward.

As we have said and will continue to say, light and love will prevail and you are all moving forward, but this is best experienced separate from misguided folk who would paralyze you with fear.

We encourage you to pause and take a deep breath before diving into media coverage and ask yourself, “Is it necessary for me to experience this? Will it help me be my best or do my best? Will it add to the light of the world?” Then consider following your intuitive knowing with confidence that you can play your part in the good that is unfolding here on your planet without being scared to death.

In closing, know that we will help Molly to assemble this new mix so it is ready to help you with this housecleaning of fears that in no way serve you or the light of the world!

With great love we salute you. ”

A Flower Essence for Sass and Mojo in Older Animals and People

Because we are fortunate enough to have many animals and people living and working at the farm, insights into many Flower Essences are always percolating!

The diverse challenges of our community are grist for the mill. Especially MY mill- as anyone will tell you who has seen me write down their commentary after they innocently reach for an Essence or report in on how one helped them.

Right now, I am taking notes from our much loved farm resident, 19 year old feline Bella.  She reminds me to take my Flower Essences without fail so I can have  sass and mojo like her when I am her age.

And what is her age in people years? I looked at several confusing online rubrics to try and figure this out, and it seems she is somewhere between 88 and 146 in people years.

Perhaps the more important thing here is that she sees herself as ageless and acts that way too.

Senior Citizen is one of the remedies I spritz over her each day.  It;s hard to miss that in our culture “Senior Citizen” is a sort of disparaging label.  It says, “Yes you are a citizen sort of but not really i.e. we’ll give you a senior citizen discount at the movies, but the rest of the time we would just as soon you weren’t too visible.”

This pervasive attitude towards senior citizens made me wonder why the Angels chose this as the name for our Senior Citizen Flower Essence remedy.

First of all the Angels always like to be quippy, and the name is quippy.  But the more I thought about it, the more I felt there was something beyond humor in their name choice. The Angels RESPECT seniority and our cultural problems with older people are just that, OUR problems.

All creation, except some  humans, respects longevity.  Even us humans recognize that ancient trees know more than saplings.  Even us humans can  feel that a garden that has endured for decades has a different wisdom than the one installed in a weekend with Miracle Gro.  And we certainly respect our elder animal companions and see how they shine with great strengths even as their bodies grow weaker.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we brought that respect forward to those in our own species?

So the Angels name for this combination remedy, Senior Citizen, comes with their respect and encourages us to bring ours.

And what is there to say about the remedy Senior Citizen? And why did ancient cat Bella who hates mist of any sort sit there and let me spritz her with Senior Citizen this morning?

Before I go over the ingredient list of this remedy, I want to note how much I like the way the Angels describe our Senior Citizen Flower Essence in our written materials:

“This remedy helps older animals and older folks to maintain their emotional equilibrium and good cheer during any declines in functions associated with the aging process. It also helps reverse the declines to whatever degree is possible in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels and general flow of systems.”

This Essence and its description doesn’t make assumptions about what aging is about.  It is not prescriptive like so much of the media assault. This description  invites us to own our mojo like elder cat Bella and be of good cheer whatever that means to us. It also doesn’t say, “You’re old so you’re going down the tubes.”  It simply offers to support us to be at our best through whatever life throws at us.

As you’ll read below, this remedy as well as cats like Bella remind us to march to our own drummer and not settle for a definition others might place on us.

Here are the ingredients: Allamanda, Angelica, Bignonia, Blackberry, Boneset, Borage, Bottle Gentian, Capeweed, Coltsfoot, Comfrey, Coralita, Daffodil, Dandelion, Eyebright, The Fairy Rose, Goldenrod, Honeybees in the White Hawthorn, Lilac, Mallow, Maple, Medlar, Mustard, Osteospermum, Peach, Pearly Everlasting, Rhubarb, Shrimp Plant, Snapdragon, Wild Aster, Zinnia

What a sparkly group of Flower friends!

A therapist once said to me that women who try and live by our society’s rules are going to be depressed, whereas those who operate from their own values, their own “true north” will be labeled ‘eccentric’ but will be much happier.  This mix is all about that.  It offers wisdom about sass and standing in our truth even when society disparages who we are. What could be more healthy than that?

I am going to list each ingredient separately and try and make an Angel like quip to describe some of the strengths each of these Flower Essences bring to this mix. Just remember that this mix is greater than the sum of its parts.  Also, I am writing rather human centric descriptions, but Bella reassures me animals understand  these Essences without any words needed.

Allamanda– Support to hear the positive and screen out the negative

Angelica– It’s never too late to get up and dance or to experience our glorious interconnection to all things

Bignonia– Yup! This one ALSO encourages us to get dancing especially if we have been through a lot of sorrows.

Blackberry– Life has its rhythms- Let this one help you keep finding yours.

Boneset- More than just for bone health, this one helps us own the bare bones of what matters to us.

Borage– Bee happy even when the world says life is too serious for happiness.

Bottle Gentian– We can see our lives clearly and still choose happiness. I am personally finished with the  attitude that happy people must be stupid.

Capeweed ( Bermuda Additional Essences List)- This tiny Bermuda Flower reminds us that tiny things can make us happy,  It’s really more than okay to savor the little things.

Coltsfoot– Life is quite the journey.. This one helps us to stay flexible, to be present and to put one foot after the next – not with a woe is me sort of attitude,  but with the anticipation of a colt heading out to the pasture on a beautiful spring day.

Comfrey– It really is time to clean out those memory closets and let anything go that weighs us down.

Coralita– Problem solving health issues that seem to defy solution and connecting the dots so we can be in the pink of health

Daffodil– The wonderful thing about downtime is that it opens us up to talk more to the Divinity within us. This one helps us hear this inner conversation  more clearly.

Dandelion– This dynamo is for spiritual metamorphosis as well as the more prosaic muscle aches and pains

Eyebright– As the book says, Take Off Your Glasses and See

The Fairy Rose– You’re never too old to enjoy the world as you did when you were a tiny little person. Wonder is our birthright.

Goldenrod– This powerful friend helps us be non-recordant to the peer pressure of our whole age-ist society.

Honeybees in the White Hawthorn– Helps us sail along through life’s ups and downs, ever savoring the only real thing: Love.

Lilac- The Elementals of the Lilac bring particular backbone to anyone following their spiritual calling

Mallow– Better than botox

Maple– Sweet Maple is the dearest,most uplifting, balancing, encouraging friend!

Medlar- (Green Hope Farm Additional Essences List) A very wise Flower Essence reminding us of the sacred gifts given only to the elderly

Mustard- Helps us awake to the zesty joy of life if we have temporarily lost a bead on this

Osteospermum– If we are being true to ourselves, not everyone likes it. This one helps us get on with being ourselves when others have tried to rain on our parade.

Peach– You are love in a sea of love.

Pearly Everlasting– Stamina to go along with all that sass

Rhubarb- (Green Hope Farm Additional Essences List) Keeping the immune system vibrant and tart

Shrimp Plant– Support to put it all together and keep it all together

Snapdragon-Helps keep the chakras humming, whirling and spinning- This is how it describes itself, “I AM indestructible health.”

Wild Aster – (Wildflower Additional Essences List) Asters go nuts in the fall. You can too.

Zinnia– Enduring joy!

As a community of Flowers, Angels, Nature Spirits, Dogs, Cats and even some People, Green Hope Farm can be a funny place……and I love telling you all about it!